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The Mentoring Network, Inc. serves five rural school districts (Nampa, Caldwell, Parma, Homedale, Vallivue) offering school-based mentoring to at-risk students, grades 1st-8th.

The goals of the mentoring program are to improve at-risk students' attendance, grades, and behaviors through friendship building with responsible, caring adults (18yrs. and older) who meet with their student one hour, once a week, on the school grounds, during the school year.

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My grandmother made quilts.

Lots of quilts.

Her children and grandchildren saw that there was a ready supply of material as clothes became too broken to wear, but still "good enough" to piece together into beautiful creations. Each block was filled with stories if you took the time to ask. Colors mixed into memories; patterns were filled with lessons learned.

The flannel shirt worn when we helped a friend paint her house. The wool pieces from the clothes my sister made and wore to college. Pieces of a dress made to celebrate grandmother's sons serving in the Navy. All these memories carefully cut out, the worn removed, and the good pieced together into a bouquet of color and memory.

The children we work with are sometimes going through a time in their lives where everything seems disconnected, broken, and worn. As mentors, you patiently work to help them find the good and piece their lives together into the bouquet their life was meant to be. This means helping them see the good and focus on ways that build cohesion and constancy into their lives.

How do you help them with such fastidious work?

You show up. You show them that you care enough to give your time to make their world a better place.

You listen. You show them that what they say matters to you.

You care. As they learn to trust you, they will see that you care. Caring is the thread that weaves trust through their lives and connects all the good together.

All of this takes time and patience. But the end creation is a marvel.

Thank you for helping us reconnect lives as you connect with the life of a child...and letting them each become a bright and shining star.


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"He is nice, respectful, and he treats me like I'm important. Thank you for being my mentor because I have learned more things than I ever could have."

Mentee, grade 5, 1 1/2 years in The MN

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One of our mentor/mentee pairs painted a cheery poster picture of a spring day that said 'Spring Brings Brighter Days' for a senior through CCOA.

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