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The Mentoring Network, Inc. serves five rural school districts (Nampa, Caldwell, Parma, Homedale, Vallivue) offering school-based mentoring to at-risk students, grades 1st-8th.

The goal is to provide school-based, direct-to-youth mentoring that will improve life outcomes for vulnerable and disengaged children by developing resilience skills, supporting the development of personal strengths, and increasing self-sufficiency through friendship building with responsible, caring adults (18yrs. and older) who meet with their student one hour, once a week, on the school grounds, during the school year.

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Your Gift of Time

How much is a minute of your time worth to you?

I recently heard an interview with a monetarily wealthy old man. He candidly told an interviewer that time is the only thing he couldn't buy. He could buy anything else that he wanted, but he could not buy a single minute of time. Because of that, it was precious to him and he was very careful how he spent it. It is an account that can only be spent…never replenished.

It's easy to forget.

How would you rearrange your day if you knew it was the last chance you would have to make that phone call, throw that Frisbee, or write that note? Would you do things differently if you knew the voice you loved best would be silenced tomorrow? Some day that will be the case so it bears reflecting.

Knowing this, please realize how precious the time is that you give to the children. You are giving them a tremendous gift by just being there. By spending your time on a child, you are investing in their lives and their memories. You are helping to guide them to a safe path. This investment of an hour a week brings positive rewards in their future and in the future of our community and world. Please know how grateful we are for your gift. We can't thank you enough!


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Service Projects

One of our mentor/mentee pairs painted a cheery poster picture of a spring day that said 'Spring Brings Brighter Days' for a senior through CCOA.

Looking for a project to do with your mentee? Click HERE to sign up or let us know any great ways you've thought of to give back.

Please take pictures...let us know what you're doing!



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